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You know the drill. How is my Data, is he good, is he bad? Feel free to crit me! Criticisms are always welcome as long as they are constructive. No flaming please! Comments are screened by default, anon is on and IP login is off.

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- Lieutenant Commander Data -
Security Officer
Room 02-14

(If you require my assistance for an emergency, please contact me on the network or find me in my quarters.)
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Name: Data
Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Age: 31 (ever since he was created).
Character Gender: Male
Canon Point: Season Four of TNG- Right after episode 4x10 (The Loss) and before episode 4x11 (Data's Day)

Background Link: Lieutenant-Commander Data – Star Trek Wiki

Personality and Abilities )
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• Trunk Possession
- Spot (his cat)
- Starfleet Standard Uniform
- Starfleet Dress Uniform
- Holodeck Disguise Clothes
- Tricorder (TR-580 Tricorder VII)
- Phaser (Type 2)

• Received / Made in the tower
- N/A
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[OOC Permissions]
Backtagging: Always welcome!
Threadjacking: Depends of the thread. If it's not obviously okay, contact me first!
Fourthwalling: Ask me first please, but generally it will be yes!
Offensive Subjects: offensive subjects? Intriguing.
Handwaving / Fade to Black: While I'd rather play out things, sometime we have no choice so if needed, yes.

[IC Permissions]
Hugging him: Why not? Don't expect the warmer of hugs in return.
Kissing him: Do you want a bewildered android? If so, why not.
Flirting with Data: Well, you can, always try.
Falling in love with Data: That can't be helped.
Injuring him: Good luck.
Killing him: Contact me first. Data can't be exactly killed like an human.
Mind controlling him: More often than not, no. Only a few kind of mind control work on him.
Using telepathy to communicate with him: No, telepathic power do not work on Data.
Reading his mind: Nope either.

His soul/heart/spirit: There is nothing to be read. No light, no darkness, no good, no evil. Data is a good person, but being an android people who can feel that kind of things will feel no such thing from him.
His powers: Nothing special, except super strength, resistance, intelligence, etc.

Warnings: If he goes berserk, Data is nigh unstoppable. Good thing it very rarely happens.